• Who we are

    QuakeRisk Inc. is a seismic expertise firm founded by Prof. Swaminathan Krishnan, Ph.D., P.E., S.E., of the California Institute of Technology.

    Our mission is to uplift earthquake safety of the built environment through structural expert consultancy services.  We strive to keep the public informed about earthquakes and their impacts through our blog.

    Our expertise and experience span the fields of structural engineering, earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, dynamics and vibrations, and finite element analysis.  We offer our services globally.  Contact us for a free consultation.

  • What we do

    i. Structural vulnerability and risk assessment of building and/or facility portfolios.

    ii. Seismic evaluations of existing structures and conceptual retrofit solutions.

    iii. Peer review.

    iv. Structural concept design.

    v. Advanced analysis (dynamic, nonlinear, etc.).

    vi. Failure analysis and expert witness services.

    vii. Research and training in structural and earthquake engineering.

  • Who we serve

    i. Owners, corporations, government agencies: quantifying seismic risk, identifying vulnerabilities in existing/upcoming facilities.

    ii. (Re)insurance companies: quantifying building portfolio risk for basing pricing decisions.

    iii. Lawyers/owners involved in litigation over structural failures: identifying root cause/testifying.

    iv. Structural engineers/architects: improving seismic robustness of their designs.

    v. Lenders/financiers: quantifying and mitigating seismic risk to projects being financed.